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    Welcome to customize

    2009-05-16  895

    Service Introduction: customized stationery is the unique carrier of company VI!

    In the era of advocating corporate culture, GANGLONG specializes in providing customized products services for major enterprises and groups, and customizing products in line with corporate personality for you. In addition, large advertising companies, brand management companies and enterprise consulting companies at home and abroad are welcome to cooperate with us to provide customized products for your customers as an important project for customers to introduce CIS.

    GANGLONG stationery can customize all kinds of office supplies for you according to your needs, and show the details of the company VI incisively and vividly, so as to further enhance the corporate image, change the status quo of disorderly document management, and create a new office space with ease and efficiency; Office stationery with company logo can be your ideal gift for customers and partners. Customers will remember your brand and sincerity when they use it everyday. We can provide you with a variety of customized products, and can provide a full range of services, such as creativity, design, silk screen printing, bronzing, so that you can have no worries in the whole process.

    Successful cases:

    Over the years, GANGLONG has provided high-quality customized services for more than 100 large enterprises and social organizations, such as China Telecom, Agricultural Bank of China, government departments, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, etc. more than 40 power grid companies in China have customized office stationery in our company for a long time. Has been fully affirmed by customers.

    Service process:

    Contact → order review → order details reply and confirmation → sign custom contract → provide proofing, customer confirmation → customer pay deposit → mass production → on time delivery → customer acceptance and payment

    Types of ganglongding products

    Semi definite products: on the basis of conventional products, they are processed according to the requirements of enterprises, and printed with enterprise logo, name or other words. We can provide regular samples immediately, and finish production and delivery in 2-3 weeks.

    Fully customized products: from the cover material, fixture selection to design, printing and so on, all in accordance with customer requirements. Completely tailored for customers, reflecting the enterprise's supreme taste and extraordinary bearing.

    Suitable for the following units:

    A. Archives Department

    1. personnel department 2. Labor Department 3. registered residence 4. archives department

    B. Financial system

    1. Banks 2. Securities institutions

    C. Communication Department

    1. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

    2. Telecommunication department

    D. Transportation system

    1. Aviation department 2. Railway department 3. Shipping department

    E. Academic institutions

    1. Design Institute 2. Universities and technical secondary schools

    F. Party, government and army system, enterprises and institutions

    1. Army 2. Government 3. Finance 4. Taxation 5. Public Security 6. News system

    G. Large and medium sized enterprises

    1. Tobacco, alcohol and beverage manufacturing enterprises

    2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises

    3. Electrical manufacturing enterprises

    4. Communication and electronic manufacturing enterprises

    5. Transportation, aviation and heavy machinery manufacturing enterprises 6. Oil mining system

    H. Medical system

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