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    School will begin on September 1. Parents who buy Stationery must watch it

    2017-08-27  980

    The summer vacation is coming to an end, and the new semester is about to begin. Parents begin to buy school supplies for their children. Parents must pay attention to the safety of school supplies in the purchase process.

    The "General requirements for the safety of student supplies" issued by the state stipulates that the caps of writing pens, marker pens, correction pens and watercolor pens should at least meet the following requirements: the cap size (if it is large enough, children can't swallow it), the ventilation area of the cap (with small holes, if it is swallowed carelessly, it will not suffocate), and the cap air circulation (with hooks and other objects), It is one of the three requirements to maintain certain air circulation when swallowed.

    On the 25th, the reporter visited a number of stationery stores and found that the caps of some ballpoint pens and water-based pens on sale had no holes, which was a potential safety hazard. A boss responded that these pens were not sold before, and most of the caps had holes. Obviously, businesses know that the cap must have holes, but they are still selling pens that do not meet the requirements. So when parents buy pens for their children, they must carefully check whether there are holes in the cap.

    Watercolor pen is colorful, which children love very much. However, there are many heavy metal elements in its dye. Children will have direct contact with their body, especially the skin of their hands, and they often have the habit of biting and sucking the pen holder or fingers. Therefore, harmful substances are easy to be ingested by children. If it is a "three no" watercolor pen, it will do more harm to children.

    When parents buy watercolor pens, they should see the factory name, address and other information of watercolor pens, and do not buy "three no" products.

    In life, many parents think that the whiter the exercise book, the better the quality. It is understood that in the production process of the exercise book, because the fiber raw materials need whitening treatment, many manufacturers will add fluorescent whitening agent to the paper of the exercise book. Long term use of this kind of work will affect students' eyesight. At the same time, after the fluorescent whitening agent is absorbed by the human body, it will increase the burden on the liver; If there is a wound, fluorescent whitening agents and wound protein binding, will hinder wound healing.

    When parents buy exercise books for their children, they first observe the color of the paper in the bright light. If the paper is too white and bright, it's better not to buy it. The yellow paper is relatively safe. In addition, parents should educate their children not to put the exercise book in their mouth to prevent the fluorescent whitening agent from being swallowed directly by their children.

    The correction liquid dries quickly and can write on it very quickly, which is very popular with students. As everyone knows, the correction solution contains lead, benzene, barium and other harmful chemicals. If inhaled into the human body or stuck on the skin, it will cause chronic poisoning and endanger human health. If such products are used for a long time, it may damage the immune function of the human body. Students should use them carefully.

    On the 25th, the reporter visited a number of stationery stores in Haikou City, most of which had no sales of correction fluid. According to a businessman, the smell of correction fluid is too strong, so many students and parents do not choose to use it. Most of them use correction tape, which is very convenient to use, and basically has no pungent smell.

    If the plastic book cover has a very pungent taste, it must not be purchased and used. In 2016, Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality supervision carried out risk monitoring on 120 batches of book covers, and the results showed that 25.8% of the product phthalate projects did not meet the EU requirements. These substances can be absorbed by the human body through breathing or contact, which is harmful to the human body, especially for children in the growth and development stage.

    Parents in the purchase of book cover, first to see if there is a factory address, and then to open to smell, if there is a pungent smell do not buy.

    At present, many erasers are made into banana, pineapple, cake and other shapes. They not only have realistic appearance, but also emit bursts of fruit and cream fragrance. Junior students are very novel when they first come into contact with stationery. They especially like the smell of some rubbers, and even have the habit of chewing stationery. Exceed the standard of the industrial perfume, the long time use of formaldehyde and benzene in the perfume will lead to headache and body fatigue, and the child will probably suffer from chronic poisoning after biting. Parents in the purchase of erasers, the best choice tasteless.

    When many parents buy table lamps, they think that the brighter the lamp is, the better their children's eyesight will be. In fact, this idea is not correct, because too much light is also one of the sources of visual fatigue, long-term use will affect the normal development of children's vision. The light source of desk lamp had better be light yellow light, blue and white light has certain damage to human eyes, it is better not to buy desk lamp when purchasing.

    When buying table lamp, we should also consider the problem of stroboscopic. Teenagers' eyesight is in the stage of development. Frequent flashing lights will virtually stimulate children's eyes, cause visual fatigue, and affect children's eyesight. However, it is difficult for consumers to make a simple judgment from their senses. It is suggested that they choose big brands with relatively guaranteed quality.

    Source: love stationery

    Website: www.iwenju.com

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