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    Development trend of stationery industry in 2018!

    2018-01-23  1160

    With the development of China's economy, office stationery industry has formed a huge market with an annual consumption of 350billion yuan. According to the 1995 industrial census, there are more than 3000 enterprises engaged in stationery production in China, of which more than 1000 enterprises with annual sales of more than 8 million yuan are involved. Most of these enterprises are concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Chaoshan area of Guangdong Province. In 2000, the export of stationery enterprises in China reached more than 2.6 billion US dollars, which has been increasing in recent years. Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on are all export places of our country.

    From the domestic market, there are about 180million primary and secondary school students, more than 3 million college students, 50million adult students, 34 million leaders in enterprises and institutions, and more large local private business companies. The development of society requires further strengthening the quality of national culture and education, the investment in education has increased greatly, and the office stationery industry has a very broad consumer market. For a long time, because of the high gross profit rate of office stationery industry, many producers and investors have been wasting production resources seriously, and the sales channel construction system is weak and imperfect; The good and bad of enterprises and products are uneven, and the industry access is chaotic. After China joined WTO, the huge office stationery consumption market also attracted the active intervention of foreign capital. In the retail circulation channel, professional international retail giants of office cultural goods such as Office1 and office statart have taken the lead in landing in the beach. In terms of production and manufacturing, mabeide and Yafu have established their own production bases in China. Therefore, under the pressure of internal and external, the integration of the industry is imminent! The following will be from the channel, product, price, service, management of five aspects of office stationery enterprise marketing.

    One: channel integration is the most critical and urgent issue for office stationery production and distribution enterprises. The distribution channel of the industry is narrow and long, and the product transmission speed is slow. The most important is that the decline of gross profit rate of products is seriously caused by this ladder channel structure, which is not conducive to the rapid and long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, office stationery enterprises should solve the problem of channel integration. Channel integration can be started with the following strategies:

    1. Because of the inevitable failure of wholesale business, the distribution ability of primary distributors should be gradually weakened, and the traditional sales mode from top to bottom should be transformed into flat channel structure. That is, to strengthen the market management function of each branch company, gradually support and cultivate the distributor distribution ability of the second and third tier markets. The operation means are:

    The market structure was originally changed from "province" as distribution unit to "region" as a distribution unit;

    To train one to two distributors in each province to train one to two dealers in each region; Establish chamber of Commerce to strengthen the network penetration ability, distribution ability and prevent the phenomenon of goods flushing;

    2. Strengthen the retail terminal distribution function. Through supporting dealers in the second and third tier markets, we can cultivate retail terminal image distribution outlets in various regions, so as to achieve the goal of winning the terminal;

    Strengthen the management of retail terminal team and training of business quality; Establish the distribution network of professional office stationery image store; Establish the operation and management system of image store; Highlight the marketing mode of the counter;

    Strengthen the management of terminal distribution and display;

    3. We will strengthen the management mode of key retail customers and carefully cultivate and maintain the market. Establish the key retail customer management service department to promote cooperation with key retail customers with professional management means and management policies. Key retail customers include (only for big stores and supermarkets): Wal Mart Carrefour is good and multi Metro China Resources wanjiaxin a best plzmat century United China Grand retouch Europe shanghaihua Hualian Beijing Hualian

    4. Establish direct marketing management department of headquarters, directly participate in the procurement and bidding projects of government, enterprises and institutions in all regions of the country, and expand the distribution network and market share of the company's products;

    Second: product integration

    Establish a mechanism for product elimination and innovation. The elimination mechanism is considered for products with annual decline in sales volume, function fading and outdated styles and uncompetitive products. We will continue to strengthen competitive fist products and superior products, and further expand market share through these advantages. In addition, in the case of consolidating and developing the market share of existing products, new products should be developed gradually. Classify and combine all products according to sales volume and profit margin;

    All products are divided into high-end and low-end products by function, quality and price; According to the classification combination and the characteristics of high and low-end division, the corresponding sales strategy is designed;

    We can consider extending professional office stationery products to teaching instruments, student stationery and other aspects, and give full play to the role of brand promotion products distribution by using their existing market network and sales channels.

    To increase the foreign well-known and practical office stationery, teaching instrument, student stationery agency brand; Strengthen the ability of product design innovation, develop a series of students' stationery products with their own brands;

    Under the condition of restriction of production conditions, the products designed and developed will be operated in OEM scheme;

    Third: price integration

    Many enterprises' price system has not formed a unified and standardized management system. Or, the price is basically the top management of the enterprise has the final say. Such a price system can not be tested by the market. The price should consider the quality grade, function characteristics, production cost, product price of competitors, market potential, price evaluation of dealers, market survey of consumers, promotion means and policies of the product.

    1. Price management strategy of similar products; The price of the same kind of products is flat or slightly lower;

    The price of the same kind of products can be determined according to the market difference of the brand; For products of different quality, the price shall be determined according to the difference of quality;

    2. Price management strategy of new products; New products must be non similar products in the market;

    The price of new products must be the result of strict market demonstration;

    The price of new products will be decided by the corresponding promotion means;

    3. Establish a sound price management system; To formulate strict and standardized price management procedures;

    Establish price formulation evaluation management system, the system members are: factory representative, sales department, marketing department, financial department; The second tier members of the management system are: the managers of the branches and the operation Department; The external members of the management system are: dealers and consumers at all levels;

    The work contents of the management system include: price setting of new products, price adjustment management of old products, price analysis of competing products, etc;

    4. Service integration

    Service is an extension of brand strategy and marketing means. The quality of service often determines the sales volume and customer relationship of the enterprise products in a certain area. In the same industry, the enterprise should actively promote the measures without vigorously implementing after-sales service measures. Excellent service plays a role in promoting sales and brand deepening.

    Fourth: Management Integration

    At present, most office stationery enterprises in China have not made outstanding performance in internal management. This is because some enterprises have low starting point in the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and there is no strict requirement in the introduction and development management of professional and high-quality talents. But with the gradual maturity of the consumer market, the pressure of industry competition increases, and the living space of enterprises is becoming increasingly compressed.

    Especially in the product homogeneity and marketing homogenization today, enterprises must calm down, from the internal management personnel comprehensive quality management to carry out the development, education, progress of the overall management integration strategy.

    1. establish a positive talent management mechanism to introduce high-quality marketing management personnel and strategic reserve management personnel; Recruiting management talents with rich marketing experience to the society;

    To recruit new graduates with certain marketing theory knowledge from colleges and universities; The "strategic reserve management" mechanism is adopted for the graduates;

    Carry out strategic training and development according to learning, practice, assessment and other ways; 2. establish competitive incentive mechanism for post management( Sales promotion; New customer development award; Sales competition monthly activities; Best business staff selection activities; Selection activities of the best branch manager; Outstanding contribution award;

    3. establish the quality training management mechanism for middle and high-level management personnel and business personnel;

    Employ professors from well-known colleges and universities as guest lecturers, and regularly or irregularly hold marketing management courses training for middle and senior management personnel; The head office regularly sends staff to carry out professional business knowledge, business skills, business quality, business system, corporate culture and other aspects of education and training for the business personnel of each branch company, and regularly conducts professional business knowledge assessment;

    Through quality education, we should create and strengthen the unique marketing management culture of enterprises, improve the business quality of managers and front-line business personnel in an all-round way, and lead the enterprise to the track of healthy and standardized development;

    4. Establish the management mechanism of enterprise brand image; To formulate the correct and practical brand positioning strategy;

    It is necessary to use healthy and novel brand promotion methods to make market consumption centered on brand orientation; At the time of single brand has become mature, it should adapt to single brand management to develop simultaneously for multi brand operation;

    Set up and increase brand added value of office stationery. And take the high-quality after-sales service as the maintenance and extension of the enterprise brand, and promote the market penetration of the brand.

    Source: love stationery

    Website: www.iwenju.com

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